The magical toolkit that brings my productivity dreams to life.

In the grand quest for peak efficiency, I'm a dedicated tool enthusiast! My treasure trove of productivity wonders includes:


  • 16” MacBook Pro, M1 Pro, 16GB RAM (2022)

    It's efficient, fast, quiet, and has outstanding battery life. Just have to use Rosetta for a few things--and justify the price tag.

  • Two external monitors

    Doesn't matter what they are, as long as they're big and have high-DPI. :)

  • Apple Magic Trackpad

    It's like fingerpainting all day!

  • Mechanical Keyboard, but quiet

    I love the feel of a mechanical keyboard but I don't want to hear it, haha.

  • Western Digital 5TB Portable External HDD

    I've got a lot of files, okay? Plus... you never know when the computer will die on you.

  • Steelcase Gesture Chair

    This is like the Kama Sutra (look it up--just not at work) of office chairs. It's so adjustable that I can sit in it for 12 hours a day and never get uncomfortable.

Development tools

  • Visual Studio Code

    TypeScript is a first-class citizen, the ecosystem is amazing, and it's fast. What more could you want?

  • GitHub Copilot

    I've gone from a coding cook to a coding chef. I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to go back to a world without Copilot.

  • Postman

    I use Postman for all my API testing. It's a great tool for quickly testing endpoints and debugging.

  • Firefox DevTools

    I'm a big fan of Firefox's DevTools. They're fast, intuitive, and powerful.


  • TypeScript

    TypeScript has truly stolen my heart! Picture JavaScript, but with a protective safety net. I've been dancing in its coding embrace for years, and the thrill never fades when the compiler gracefully intercepts a sneaky bug, sparing me countless headaches.

  • JavaScript

    Despite its simplicity, unconventional rule-breaking tendencies, and seemingly carefree nature, I find myself opting to collaborate with it time and again.

  • Node.js

    Since I'm already so familiar with JavaScript, it's a natural fit for me to use it on the backend as well.


  • Figma

    It's not Adobe Illustrator, right? That's all that matters.


  • Jira

    Ah, yes, I fully understand the sentiment. Jira might seem like a bloated mess at times, but interestingly, it reigns as the unrivaled champion in my quest for the perfect software project management tool.

  • Microsoft Todo

    It's simple, fast, free, has a great mobile app, and allows for shared lists. What more could you want?

Security & Privacy

  • Bitwarden

    It's open-source, free, and has a great mobile app.

  • SurfShark VPN

    I dont' trust public wifi, and I don't trust my ISP. SurfShark has proven a great way to protect my privacy and security.